yoko x nora

yoko x nora

“yokoxnora is the love child of comic book heroine yoko tsuno and artist nora hansen. born out of a long standing friendship and mutual admiration yoko and nora have created a collection attributing the wearer with a casual air of adventure and the ideology of friendship.“ Yoko x Nora, 2019, Photo: Maeve O`Neill

A fashion label based on re-created costumes of comic-book heroine Yoko Tsuno, yoko x nora presents wearables fusing comic book cool with contemporary styles. The adventures of Yoko Tsuno center around Yoko, an electrical engineer, and her close circle of friends. A time and space traveling electrical engineer, single mom, with a family-like circle of friends, Yoko is an unsexualized and multidimensional character that stands as an alternative to the repetition of gender stereotypes in the world of comic books. By dressing in Yoko’s reconstructed costumes, the heroine’s friendship-based spirit of adventure is animated by anyone wearing pieces from the collection.


yoko x nora (suit II), polyester canvas, 2017, Photo: Mary Lake

yoko x nora (pants II, gown I, bodysuit I), silk, polyester thread, silicon, metal, 2022, Photo: Mary Lake

yoko x nora (suit III | backpack II), nylon ripstop, crayon, 2020, Photo: Keta Gavasheli

yoko x nora (suit II | bomber III), silk organza, embroidery, 2017, Photo: Maeve O´NeillYoko x nora (bomber I & II ), polyester organza, embroidery, 2017, Photo: Maeve O´Neill


yoko x nora | backpack II ( worship), 2020, Silk, Nylon, Crayon, Styrofoam, Gorilla Plast, Metal, Vinyl, Installation featuring wearables by the label yoko x nora

yoko x nora | pants II & bodysuit I (obsession), 2020, Silk, Polyester Thread, Fabric Paint, Styrofoam, Gorilla Plast, 210 x 110 cm, Installation featuring wearables by the label yoko x nora


yoko x nora | suit II & bomber II, 2017, Fabric, Styrofoam, Stitching Thread, Marker, Vinyl, Installation featuring wearables by the label yoko x nora


yoko x nora (gown I | bodysuit II | bodysuit III) In: ​​Julia*n Meding, Traumascape, Performance und Musik: Teta Marie Carangi, Julia*n Meding, Konzept: Julia*n Meding, Annett Hardegen, Raum: Julia König, Kostüm: Nora Hansen, Co-Regie und Dramaturgie: Friederike Hirz Dramaturgie und Produktion: Annett Hardegen Outside-Eye: Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Sophiensaele, 2021, Photo: Tanno Pippi


   yoko x nora (bomber III | pants II), in: All the Days I owe You, Tanja Kodlin in Collaboration with Nora Hansen & Elisa Kühnl, Kunstausbruch, Stiftung Kunst und Natur, Cologne, Photo: Lorenz Obermeier

yoko x nora (suit IIII, backpack II), silk, polyester ripstop, in: VH00219 by Jonas Monka, L‘intrus REDUX at Westfälischer Kunstverein, 2019

yoko x nora (suit III) | (suit II) | (backpack I), silk organza, stitching thread, polyester twill, PVC, Metal, Vinyl, in: Advancing Together, Changing Room, London, 2017, Installation View, Photo: Marios Stamatis

yoko x nora (suit II) | (suit III) | dress (I), in: Nora Hansen & Maeve O´Neill for Cabinet of Kaput, Kaput Mag, 2017, Photo: Maeve O´Neill