the opening

the opening

Reflecting the exhibition opening as a context in itself, The Opening offers a series of participatory performances by Frederique Pisuisse and Nora Hansen working with LARP.

LARP is an acronym for Live Action Role Playing, referring to a type of interactive game or storytelling in which the players assume a role and act as a character within a set fiction. It can be described as theatre without an audience or script. In LARP the narration is improvised and progressively developed.


The Opening (What are you willing to do…?)

Inspired by the tradition of Nordic LARPing, a form of Live Action Role Playing with a high level of character, set and emotional immersion, Frederique Pisuisse and Nora Hansen created a LARP, that explores the potential power of agreed upon illusions. The guests and hosts of the opening choose a character and engage with each other throughout the evening according to a loosely pre-written script. The set is composed of props and art works exploring icons of innocence, sin, power and seduction.

the opening (What are u willing to do…?), Installation view and performance documentation, at7 Projekt Space, Amsterdam, 2017



The Opening (Movement of Obedience)

The Opening | Movement of Obedience examines the opening of an art exhibition as a Live action Role Play. By offering a set, props and costumes built around the silent script setting a code of conduct, The Opening invites to experience and re-asses possible dynamics, dramas and power-play between the protagonists of an art exhibition opening. In the tradition of Commedia Dell’Arte, a form of 17th century Italian theatre characterised by a finite set of masked types and iconic costumes, Hansen and Pisuisse designed outfits exploring the roles of Gallerists, Artist, Intern and Spectator. Working with the aesthetic of web-shop video and the ritual of a showcase, Movement of Obedience approaches the infrastructure of DYE HOUSE 451 to invite guests and hosts to try on, play a role, and shed what does not suit.

The Opening ~ Movement of Obedience, Fabric, Plywood, Mirror, Plaster, Video, DYE HOUSE 451, London, 2017

The Opening – Movement of Obedience, Performance Documentation, DYE HOUSE 451, London, 2017

The Opening – Movement of Obedience, video stills, DYE HOUSE 451, London, 2017